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Thrive Project Management

Thrive Project Management is a platform-wide tool within Thrive that connects to all of the other modules. Whether its a project that has been created that came from a Safety Incident or a Master Project that has been created in the front office, Thrive Project Management will help keep you on track with all the projects that are important to the success of your manufacturing operations.

  • Ensure project success through Thrive follow up tools and escalations

  • Manage short or long term projects with visibility and communication in Thrive

  • Cross functional communication and tracking of short and long term projects

  • Assign project action items that show up on personal dashboards or as email notifications

  • Create a project for anything that is important to your organization and use Thrive tools to follow up, assign, schedule, or report on this project

Project Management

What’s Included:

  • Master projects and sub-project management connected to all areas of Thrive

  • Kanban Boards

  • Escalations, chats, notifications and audit tracking

  • Follow up tools on action items

  • All Thrive reporting, escalations, scheduling, and security features

Thrive for Life:

Unlimited users.  All modules.  Version upgrades.

Companies big and small we partner with

Thrive implementation was a lot easier than I thought something like this would be- I would go as far to say it’s been seamless.

With Thrive, once a month I pull up my dashboard and grab a snapshot of my graph which takes me 5 minutes compared to my 3-6 hours of admin time to get this data before Thrive.

We definitely have streamlined the effectiveness and efficiency of many of our business processes through our utilization of Thrive.

Having a common hub to capture critical information and to report real-time results that are relevant for making decisions and driving improvement across our entire organization— that’s the strength of Thrive.

Thrive allows me to work more efficiently and more effecively in analyzing how we are doing overall as a production team.

Thrive is one of the most affordable, flexible, and low maintenance systems I have seen.  It is a truly a great product.